Tomintoul Electric Bike Adventure

Last week, on an overcast and muggy day in Tomintoul, I took out one of the electric bikes available to rent from The Smugglers Hostel. I decided to cycle the Tomintoul Country Trail which offered a good selection of road and rough track, as well as it’s fair share of inclines, declines, twists and turns. This meant that I could really see what the bike could do with it’s weighty back end and hybrid tyres. I was pleasantly surprised as I sped down the rough track at the beginning of the trail, and the bike did a good job of dealing with the dips and ridges. Coming up to the first hill, I pedalled with the expectation of feeling that usual tug on my thighs – usually ending in exhaustion. However, it never came, and the bike knew exactly what to do. With each downward push on the pedals, a surge of energy came from the battery pack and it felt like I was being pushed up the hill. As I crossed the bridge over the River Avon and got onto the road back to Tomintoul, the ride was smooth and easy. The hills didn’t hinder the pleasure of the ride and it was great to feel speed I could have never accomplished myself. Viewing the local landscape in this way was fantastic and I highly recommend the electric bikes to others looking for a bit of easy and enjoyable exploration within the Glenlivet Estate and the Cairngorms National Park.  Jessica


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